It is Our Mission to Help Athletes Support Brain Health.

It is Our Mission to Help Athletes Support Brain Health.

Re:Mind Recover contains high quality nutrients in a great tasting liquid form that is easy for athletes to use post-practice or post-game.

Board of Advisers

Re:Mind Recover's Board of Advisers are leaders in helping athletes proactively support healthy brain function.

Dr. Michael Lewis

Dr. Michael Lewis


- President of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute

- Author of When Brains Collide

- Experience developing programs for the military on the use of Omega-3's

- Ran the primary care and flight medicine clinics at the Pentagon

- Graduate of US Military Academy at West Point & the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans Postgraduate training at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, & the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Mike Palm

Mike Palm


- Co-Author, NATA Position Statement: Concussions in Sport

- National Level Rugby Athletic Trainer

- Former Manager of Concussion Services at Athletico

- Former Head Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club

- Leader in Supporting Research Related to Brain Health for Athletes

Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN

Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN


-  Integrative Sports Nutrition

- Provides Team Nutrition Services to the Chicago Blackhawks for nearly 30 years

- Works individually with elite athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB.

- Member of the American Nutrition Association

- Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Omega-3 EPA/DHA (3000 mg - Liquid Triglyceride Form)

    3rd Party Tested for Purity, Potency and Freshness

  • Magnesium-L-Threonate (1000 mg)

    Provides Healthy Levels of Magnesium, Supports Cognitive Function*

  • Vitamin K2 (100 mcg - MK-7)

    More Active Form of K2, Vital Nutrient for Overall Cognitive Function*

  • Vitamin D3 (1000 IUs)

    Supports Brain Health and Immune Health*

  • B Vitamin Complex + Vitamin E

    Helps Support Optimal Physiological and Neurological Function*

  • Great Tasting Liquid Form

    Easy to Use Post Practice and Post Game

Who Uses Re:Mind Recover?

Who Uses Re:Mind Recover?

Re:Mind Recover is used by athletes of all shapes and sizes including: 

- Nate Augspurger, Captain of the USA Rugby team

- Nate Ebner, New England Safety and Olympian

- John Urschel, Former Baltimore Guard a  Ph.D. candidate at MIT

- Diego Sanchez, Winner of the Ultimate Fighter

Pro Athletes
Refuel Your Brain

Refuel Your Brain

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete you know that brain health is an important issue.  

Re:Mind Recover provides a simple, safe, and effective way to give your brain the building blocks that it needs.



When should I take Re:Mind Recover?

We recommend taking one (2 ounce) bottle of Re:Mind Recover (once a day) after practice and games with some food and water.  On days when you do not practice you can take one bottle of Re:Mind Recover with a meal.

Does Re:Mind Recover need to be refrigerated?

Single serving 2 ounce bottles of Re:Mind Recover do not need to be refrigerated.  Each single serving bottle is meant to be consumed at one time.  The 32 ounce bottle of Re:Mind Recover needs to be refrigerated after it has been opened.

Should I take Re:Mind Recover with food?

Yes, we recommend taking Re:Mind Recover with food to help improve the absorption of the nutrients in the product.

Is Re:Mind Recover only for athletes?

No, non-athletes and retired athletes can benefit from the nutrients in Re:Mind Recover. 

Why is Re:Mind Recover only available in a liquid form?

Liquid products are generally more absorbable and thus more easily used by your body.*

Is Re:Mind Recover made in the USA?

Yes, Re:Mind Recover is made in the USA at a NSF Certified GMP facility.  This means that Re:Mind Recover is produced in an independently audited and 3rd party tested environment.

How did you know what nutrients to put in Re:Mind Recover?

We are committed to working with brain health experts and sports nutritionists in order to help athletes support brain health.  The specific dosages of nutrients in the product comes directly from our Board of Advisers.

Why Re:Mind Recover?

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete you know that brain health is an important issue. No other product on the market contains Re:Mind Recover's unique combination of nutrients in a high dosage, convenient, single serving, liquid form.  

Recommended Use

Recommended Use

Take one bottle (2 fl. oz) daily after every practice and game to support healthy brain function*.  Refrigerate after opening.

Seek medical attention after any and all types of head trauma.