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Re:Mind Recover at the USA Rugby Development Camp

USA Rugby held a National Tracking Camp (NTC) at Infinity Park in Denver, CO on Sunday June 7.  The aim of this camp was to identify new athletes, as well as monitor athletes who are already a part of the National Training Squad of each age-grade national team.  
The NTC is a one-day event with "combine" testing enabling athletes from a variety of backgrounds to showcase their skills and abilities in front of USA Rugby Coaches. 
  • 6/14/2015 Tiger Academy - Columbus, OH
  • 6/20/2015 Life University - Marietta, GA
  • 6/21/2015 Cal Maritime - Vallejo, CA
  • 6/28/2015 Philadelphia, PA
  • 9/5/2015 Chicago, IL
The NTC events are for both 15's and 7's rugby athletes.  Testing is broken down into 3 blocks and includes the following:  


  1. One-day events to monitor athletes in the NTS or for those athletes wanting to test way into the NTS.
  2. Three blocks:
    1. AM: measurements and physical testing
      1. Height
      2. Weight
      3. Wing-span
      4. Hand
      5. Vertical jump
      6. Seated 10 lb. med-ball throw
      7. 40 meter
      8. Yo-Yo Level 1
    2. Midday: technical skill tests
      1. Catch-pass
      2. Track-tackle-contest
      3. Evasive Running
      4. Ruck support
    3. Afternoon: specialty skill tests
      1. Scrum profile
      2. Scrum hook
      3. Lineout footwork
      4. Lineout tower
      5. Lineout throw
      6. Box kick
      7. Ruck pass
      8. Territory kicks
      9. Aerial game
To learn more about National Tracking Camps visit USA Rugby's website. Athletic Trainers at the USA Rugby National Tracking Camp used Re:Mind Recover to ensure that athletes were taking proper care of both their body and brain.