Omega-3's can help support recovery and healthy brain function. – Re:Mind Recover - Refuel Your Brain

Re:Mind Recover™ for Coaches and Athletic Trainers

  • Research shows that it is Best Practice to take an Omega-3 supplement after every practice and game*
  • Re:Mind Recover™ contains no banned substances and all ingredients are considered safe by sports governing bodies
  • Omega-3's have been implemented into the concussion management program for the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club
  • Research from the U.S. Military shows that proper nutrition may help support healthy brain function*(1, 2)
  • Simple - 2 oz liquid shot, convenient for both players and athletic trainers
  • Safe - Re:Mind Recover Awarded 5 Star IFOS™ Certification(3)
  • Effective - Maximum recommended daily dosage, easily digestible and more absorbable form than softgels*

"My son told me that Re:Mind Recover helped his recovery. It's important that we help all of our players with recovery." - Westside SWARM Rugby Coach Marcus Brooks

"In the future, you'll slowly start seeing more organizations implementing nutrition and the intake of Omega-3 Fatty Acids into their concussion protocols." - Mike Palm, Manager of Concussion Services at Athletico