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Refuel Your Brain

  • Designed For Contact Sport Athletes
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Recommended by Athletic Trainers & Doctors
  • Designed to Help Balance the Inflammatory Response Post-Exercise

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Mike Palm, Manager of Concussion Services at Athletico, Uses and Recommends Re:Mind Recover

Designed For Contact
Sport Athletes

Brain health in contact sports is an important issue. The hits that athletes take can have a negative effect on their performance both on and off the field.

contact sport

Ultimate Fighter - Diego Sanchez
USA Eagles Olympic Rugby Scrum Half - Nate Augspurger
Baltimore Ravens Guard - John Urschel
Washington Redskins Pro Bowl Running Back - Alfred Morris
Philidelphia Eagles Linebacker - Bryan Braman

Nerve Cells are 5x more likely to survive!
Re:Mind Recover Protects Never Cells

Re:Mind Recover/100 Microliters Nerve Cell Culture

Independent research that was conducted at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Support Brain Health

Re:Mind Recover contains a proprietary blend of Omega-3's and key nutrients to support brain health, which is important for athletes who need to stay sharp on and off the field. Scientific evidence shows that Re:Mind Recover supports healthy brain function and protects nerve cells.

Recommended By Athletic Trainers

Leading doctors helped to create an effective product to support brain health for contact sport athletes. Re:Mind Recover is safe to take daily, and contains 3rd party tested ingredients. Most importantly Re:Mind Recover provides the building blocks that the brain and body needs in a simple, safe and effective form.